Starting your Python Journey with Ease

Starting your Python Journey with Ease

Here at CodeMD, we are committed to helping those getting up to speed with Python so that you can start to take your ideas to creations. In the coming next few weeks we will be adding new content to help you on your way to Python Proficiency!

The type of content will be varied because we believe that different people will learn in different ways. There will be some longer-form articles on coding and for those who are not quite ready to dip their toes into coding as well as some practical interactive essays we encourage you to engage with!

In the coming weeks we will also be providing some more detailed content related to specific concepts within Python for you to take a much deeper dive. Watch out!

Our focus is to try to provide you practical experience earlier, with this in mind we have our very own curated google co-laboratory pages which we created that give you the ability to run the python code without having to install it on your own computer! We realise that programming can be intimidating to get started and want to make this process as painless as possible.

For now, I am pleased to say we have a couple of articles that will get you started on this journey. Please see the links below or visit the individual blog posts. I will update this list as it goes, but do keep a look out on the website for new content!

  1. Why you already have what it takes to code
  2. What is Python all about ?
  3. Variables and Numbers

In addition, if there is anyone who has some experience in Python and would like to get involved in creating content and being part of the community please do get in touch, email or join us on Slack and message me (Search for Aaron Smith) or within the appropriate Slack channel.