About CodeMD

CodeMD was created to inspire the next generation of innovation in healthcare, and equip everyone with the skills to innovate for healthcare. It started from a frustration with learning how to code.

Coding is one of the most important skills to learn in the 21st century to enable innovation to thrive. Yet the challenge is finding the time to learn whilst finding interesting projects. Especially so for clinicians.

We bridge that gap.

CodeMD delivers coding tutorials delivered in an easy to follow format, which can be completed in under 2 hours, all whilst producing tangible outputs along the way! Want to learn machine learning? Try our AI for Chest X-Rays tutorial! Want ot learn the fundamental of Python, we've got you covered with our Intro To Python series. Whatever you're looking for, we're here for you.

CodeMD's vision is to empower the next generation of clinicians with the skills to innovate healthcare solutions using technology.

If you're interested in joining us on our mission - check out how to join the team here!