It's a strange phenomena - those that often see the problems don't have the right skills to solve them. Those that have skills don't have problems to apply them to. We're here to solve this fundamental challenge in healthcare, by empowering everyone to develop innovations through code.

Our mission statement is simple. Make coding efficient, effective, and enjoyable for everyone. Having learnt to code ourselves, we've learnt that there are two fundamental problems.

  1. The time taken to learn meaningful coding skills is too long for busy people - with too much time spent on abstract concepts.
  2. Learning abstract concepts doesn't directly apply to the real world. When have you ever wanted to make an app that does nothing but print "Hello World"?

So we've got a simple solution. At CodeMD, we're going to post up regular 'tutorials' on how to develop tangible products within an hour or less. For example, you could create a basic machine learning program which processes REAL medical data! All tutorials are simple to follow, and go beyond what basic 'learn to code' websites teach, by applying real-world best-practice principles.

We've also developed tutorials with a range of difficulties, from easy to hard, but with a medical spin (Medical Student --> Consultant).

On top of that, we're also creating a sister organisation (LaunchMD), with the aim of turning the creations of this incredible community into fully functioning businesses to create sustainable organisations which can effect meaningful change in healthcare.

We're excited to see where it goes. We hope you are too.